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Quality Assurance

in every Detail.


We're offering you an extensive quality management, which accompanies our products from the very beginning. Our validated processes guarantee, that your instruments also meet all requirements during production.


The quality of Efinger-Instruments is not only reviewed by external authorities, but is also being regularly reviewed through our own, internal audits. In this way, we are prepared for all future requirements.



  • Highest quality

We provide you a comprehensive quality management system that accompanies our products through the entire process from the very beginning. With the help of validated processes, we ensure that our instruments meet the highest standards throughout the entire production chain.


  • Precision

Down to the smallest detail: Surgery requires millimeter precision. Our instruments are manufactured using the latest production techniques to ensure that they meet even the most demanding surgical requirements. 

  • Wide product range

We offer a wide range of products from otology to sinuscopy and laryngology instruments. You can find more information in the catalogs on our website in the downloadarea.


  • Innovation

The medical industry is constantly evolving and we are proud being at the frontline of these changes. We are continuously developing new instruments that meet the latest medical standards.

  • Customer focus

At Efinger-Instruments, our focus is on the customer. Besides offering high quality products we also provide a superior customer service. Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions and help you choose the right instruments.

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