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Top performance
through precision und innovation


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and wishes are at the centre of our production. We pride ourselves on creating instruments that not only meet our customers' expectations, but also make a significant contribution to the safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures.

The skilled workers of our company assemble your instrument by finest craftsmanship. All products are exclusively manufactured to drawing at customer's request.

Our manual production stages, such as fitting, aligning, grinding, sharpening and polishing, are essential to the creation of high-quality surgical instruments. 

Our professionals are aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with surgical instruments. Therefore, they use all their expertise, precision and care to ensure that every instrument produced meets the highest quality standards. Your individual requirements 


In the world of medical technology, precision plays an important role. Efinger-Instruments relies on innovative manufacturing technologies to produce precise individual parts of the highest quality. This process begins with meticulous planning and design of the individual parts using CAD programmes.

We use advanced CAD software to create detailed models that meet all specific requirements. These digital designs are used as the basis for our CNC manufacturing. A process that ensures the highest precision and repeatability. Our CNC machines manufacture the individual parts according to the exact specifications of the CAD design. This seamless transition from digital designs to physical parts guarantees the highest accuracy and quality.

Our CNC staff monitor every step of the process to ensure that each part produced meets the strictest quality standards and satisfies our customers' needs.


In order to make our production processes even more efficient, we have invested in the latest technologies. A significant step in this direction is the implementation of robots for CNC machine loading. These high-tech robots precisely and reliably take over the task of inserting the workpieces into the CNC machines.

By using robots, we can not only increase the speed of work, but also further improve the precision and consistency of our manufacturing. The robots are able to place the workpieces exactly according to the specifications, which leads to even greater accuracy in machining. In addition, automated machine loading enables continuous production without having to 


deal with long interruptions for manual interventions.


Our claim is that your instruments are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. We want to offer you the perfect surface. To achieve this goal, we use a variety of methods, such as grinding, polishing, sandblasting and coating.


We are happy to manufacture instruments with your individual desired surface for you!


We are placing the highest requirements on our cleaning process.


By frequently validating the facility and maintaining it via TPM, our skilled members of staff are able to carry out the cleaning process on the highest quality level. By various tests, such as cytotoxicity and fluorescence, we ensure that all of our cleanings are successful.

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