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Top performance

through precision und innovation



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The skilled workers of our company assemble your instrument by finest craftsmanship. All products are exclusively manufactured to drawing at customer's request.


Our manual production stages, such as fitting, aligning, grinding, sharpening and polishing contribute to the creation of a product, which meets all individual wishes and requirements.


To increase our precision even further, all of our products are being drawn in CAD and afterwards edited with CAM/CNC solution. In doing so, our tools are being shrunk to achieve an ideal milling result.

We use the most optimal tools up to a diameter of 0.23 mm for our fine drillings - at all times.

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Surface Treatment

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Efinger-Instruments always strives to offer you the perfect surface for your instruments. To achieve an ideal result, various methods such as grinding, polishing, sandblasting or coating are being applied.


We're looking forward to manufacturing instruments for you that come with your individual, desired surface.


We are placing the highest requirements on our cleaning process.


By frequently validating the facility and maintaining it via TPM, our skilled members of staff are able to carry out the cleaning process on the highest quality level. By various tests, such as cytotoxicity and fluorescence, we ensure that all of our cleanings are successful.

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