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Our Service

We may not be perfect,

but we are ambitious to offer you the best customer service possible.



Due to close cooperation we are able to develop individual products according to your requirements and requests. We accompany you from the first sketch to your individual, finished product - created just for you, your very own, unique instrument.



Are you unsure if the product idea you're conceiving is realizable? We work hand in hand with you - from the very first, professional drawing with FEM calculation to the ready for production drawing of your project - turning your idea into reality!

Customer Service


You are very important to us! We are always endeavoured to enable an impeccable support for you and do our best for a long-standing, close cooperation. Naturally, we are pleased to keep you up to date at any time via video conference.

Laser Marking


By laser marking your instrument, it gets the exact label you desire - your own, individual touch. The Data-Matrix code is of course being applied by us during this process.

Ceramic Coating


Does your product need a specific coating? We're offering you a ceramic coating for all of our instruments.



We're cleaning your products strictly according to the ISO 13485 standards. By cleaning/passivating your instrument, it receives optimal cleanliness and corrosion prevention. Our facilities are being revalidated and serviced by qualified personnel every two years.

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